About Us

What Is Cadgers

A Cancer Discussion Group

For Education Reassurance & Support

A support group for patients & family m.embers

Affected by urological cancers.

Our monthly meetings  are held at Southend Hospital,,

in the Lecture Theatre Room in the Education Centre,

On the last Thursday of each month,

Admission is free and refreshments are served ,

All are welcome

Cadgers is a support group for both men & women who have been affected by a diagnosis of Urological Cancers an affect the kidney,bladder,prostate ,testicles and penis.  

We welcome patients,close family or friends,in fact anyone you wish to bring along, you may have been recently diagnosed , undergoing treatment or even finished  treatment. You can attend at any time.

What do we do ?

Each month we invite a guest speaker,this may be in relation to a health topic or special interest. We then break for refreshments and have time to mix with others. Chatting to people who may have a shared or similar experience which can be very supportive to both you and your family.

On occasions we also have social evenings that can be great fun too.

Cadgers Committee

Chairman                     Vice Chairman/Secretary                   treasurer

Roger Bassett                      Terry Catt                               Lynn Clark

01702 585931                     01268 754179                         01268 781202

Committee members

Win Catt                             Frank Clark                             Keith Hodgson

01268 754179                     01268 781202                         01268 784641

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